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Stilling exercises - audio CD

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Give your class a taste of meditation.

It's key to a deeper understanding of Buddhist life, and studies suggest regular practice can really improve behaviour and concentration in the classroom.

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Stick it on your ipod or computer and only half the price of the CD!

Approximately 43MB download.


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These non-religious 'stilling' exercises feature experienced Buddhist meditators leading relaxation exercises of varying lengths as well as Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness (Metta Bhavana) meditations for older students.
Ages 7-18.


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If you like the sound of the bells, why not buy a singing bowl?
You'll never have to shout again!
Use our sweet-sounding bell as part of a 'stilling' exercise, or simply to restore peace to your classroom.

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The CD is a big hit. The year 3 form teacher is using the stilling exercises to settle the class down some mornings, and I've started a break-time meditation club using them - full house with people turned away both weeks so far!

Philip West, Teacher